Stepping Up In Times Of Crisis

India Food Line

Now more than ever, our world needs everyone to step up and do good. 

This includes people, companies, and organizations.

That’s why we at Faithbox are teaming up with our friends at MatrBoomie to provide 27,000 meals to some of the most vulnerable people groups across India during the COVID-19 pandemic!

MatrBoomie is an incredible fair-trade company based in Austin, TX that employs and empowers artisans all across India to produce beautifully designed handcrafted products. Working with artisans from communities that are often marginalized, MatrBoomie provides dignified work and fair trade wages while sourcing all of their materials and supplies ethically. (Many of MatrBoomie’s products have been included in past Faithboxes.)

Like many countries during this time, India has implemented a mandatory shutdown across the nation to contain the spread of the virus. Many of India’s most vulnerable citizens – those who are older, live in remote villages, or depend on their artisanal work for survival – have been displaced or taken refuge in local shelters during this time with limited or no access to steady meals.

India Food Line

Because of this, MatrBoomie has decided to leverage their network and work to provide free meals for these individuals and we’re jumping in to help! During the months of May and June,

Faithbox is going 50-50 with MatrBoomie and making a monthly donation that will allow us to provide 27,000 free meals!

Of course, these meals mean more than a full stomach. Each of these meals represents a person, their life, and in just a small way, the hope that things will be better in the future.

From Day 1 at Faithbox, we wanted to be a company that does good and empowers our community to do good, and we’re proud to say that the Faithbox Community continues to do so through ongoing partnerships with companies like MatrBoomie!

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