Finding Community In A World of Social Distancing

Faithbox Mobile App

Raise your hand if you were familiar with the phrase “social distancing” at the start of the year?

…Yea, neither were we! But in recent weeks, as the spread of Coronavirus has gone global, the phrase “social distancing” has not only become familiar but part of our everyday vernacular and behavior. As the global pandemic has spread, it’s become more and more important for people to follow these social distancing practices to protect themselves as well as the most vulnerable members of our communities.

For many of us, the practice of social distancing is very unfamiliar. We live in a day and age where we are more social than ever before – both in a physical sense and a digital sense – so when it comes to disconnecting and removing ourselves from our physical communities we can easily feel isolated and alone. 

But here’s an important note to remember: 

Social distancing does NOT mean social isolation.

While we ought to follow proper health and safety protocols, that does not mean we must isolate ourselves from community and the relationships that can help us get through tough times like these. Community is an integral part of the Christian faith (see Acts 2:42), and it’s part of God’s plan to help us get through difficult times.

And that’s where Faithbox comes in!

Faithbox has always been more than a box, we’re a family! What has separated Faithbox from other Christian box subscription companies from the very beginning has been Community. Faithbox is a Community of people from all walks of life who are committed to following Jesus and living out their faith every day.

Thankfully, we have the ability to remain connected and strengthen community even while practicing safe social distancing. Several months ago we launched the Faithbox Mobile App as a way for people like you to stay connected, find daily hope, and make an impact around the world!

Faithbox Mobile App

The Faithbox Mobile App features themed Groups for Prayer, Parenting, and Book Studies as well as community channels where you can connect and make new friends. Plus, we upload an inspirational 2-4 minute video every single morning that shares hope and encouragement to get your day going.

Thousands of people from all over the world have downloaded the Faithbox App and joined the Faithbox Community, and we think you should, too!

You can download the Faithbox App for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.


We’re all in this together!

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