When One Things Leads To Another

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You can live your life just as you always have for years on end and then one day wake up and realize you are nowhere near the place you expected to be.

That’s exactly where Faithbox member, Kimberly, found herself during the Fall of 2017.

Kimberly grew up in a strong, Christian household. In fact, both of her grandfathers were ordained pastors so she was always surrounded by a strong Christian community. Growing up in this type of environment, she never knew what it was like to be apart from God; as she put it, she “was born on a Sunday and in the church by the following Sunday.”

All of that began to change for Kimberly around age 20 when her grandmother passed away. It wasn’t a drastic or extreme change. There was no “going off the deep end” or living recklessly. Rather, the shift was subtle and steadily progressed as she grew older.

Over time, Kimberly became less occupied with faith – her relationship with God, being connected to a church community, etc. – and more concerned with everyday affairs like friendships and her career as a school counselor. As 2017 came to a close, nearly 17 years after her grandmother passed away, she found herself confronting feelings of grief and distance in her relationship with God. 

This new, unfamiliar feeling caused her to question and search for answers. What happened? How did I get off track? More importantly…

How do I get back on track?

Kimberly did what most of us do when we don’t know what to do… She turned to the internet! After scrolling through several sites, she came across Faithbox and began watching some of the daily devotional videos on YouTube. Faithbox seemed like a non-threatening way to re-engage her faith, so shortly thereafter she decided to sign up for a subscription and give it a shot.

Kimberly Jarrard

It’s been over two years since Kimberly signed up for Faithbox and there’s been no looking back! Faithbox helped Kimberly rekindle her relationship with Jesus while empowering her to grow further in her faith. Each monthly theme gives her a new lens to view her relationship with God and offers perspective into how she can be an example of faith to her coworkers and her students.

Kimberly’s journey is like so many other Faithbox members who have re-discovered the joy of a growing and fruitful relationship with God. 

And this is exactly why Faithbox exists! We love helping people like you find their way back to God and experience the hope and relevance found in Jesus.

No matter if you grew up in a Christian home or you’re new to faith, or whether you’ve wandered away from Jesus or looking for something to help strengthen your faith, Faithbox is the perfect idea to help you take a step each day toward Jesus and toward the place you want to be in life!

If you’d like to learn more about joining Faithbox, visit us online here.

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