A Timely Return to Faith

Faithbox Unboxing

This blog post was written and submitted by Faithbox Subscriber, Wendy Townley.

A little more than a year ago, while absentmindedly scrolling through Instagram, I happened upon a post – it was a “Sponsored” post that promoted something about faith. I didn’t stop for long, but apparently, I stopped just long enough to see it again. …And again.

…And a few more times. (Thanks, algorithms.) 

It was called Faithbox. The more I saw the Instagram posts and visited the Faithbox website, the more I found myself intrigued. Offers for monthly subscription “boxes” have flooded the marketplace for months. My two dogs have had a monthly box subscription of treats and toys for a year now.

Wasn’t it time for my own?

In recent years, I have made a focused and deliberate return to my faith, due in large part to two significant life events: a previous job that put me in weekly contact with churches around the country, and a husband who is four-years sober from the shackles of opioid addiction. You might call it the perfect storm.

Better yet, you might call it Providence!

I waffled and I waited and considered the value of a Faithbox subscription. And one day, I grabbed my debit card and signed up with zero expectations. I forgot entirely that my box was shipped until one day it landed on my front porch with a satisfying thump.

Unboxing the slim devotional, the paperback book, the 2019 planner, and other items felt special and very different than ripping open packages from Amazon and QVC. Knowing these items were bundled together with such thought and care gave me comfort – and even a bit of calm.

In the months since I joined Faitbox, the daily videos have become the first step in my pre-dawn devotion and prayer (yes, even on the weekends). I have added other books, occasional journaling, and even a daily rosary, but Faithbox is always my very first stop. The various items have become treasurers in my home office and given away as gifts. Everything I have received has a purpose in my life or the life of someone else’s. I may not discover that purpose for weeks or even months, but eventually, it is presented.

God is clever like that, you know?

Through one of the March devotion questions about fear, I came to the realization that prayer helps to free me from worry by offering structure and routine. I suppose that’s also why I enjoy weekly Mass, memorized novenas, and the like.

When I don’t know quite what to think or unable to process what I’m feeling, the shortest path to peace is to go where I know: God’s Word.

I’m grateful to have Faithbox be part of my guide, showing me the way each day.

Nebraska native Wendy Townley has been writing personally since the third grade, professionally since 1997. Her second book, Letters to Barley: Personal Stories My Dog Should Know, was published in 2019.

If you’d like to subscribe to Faithbox, click here.

Wendy Townley

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