3 Things to Know About the 2021 Grief Faithbox

When we think of Grief, we immediately think of the death of a loved one. Certainly, the death of a family member, a friend, or even a beloved family pet can cause us to fall deep into the throes of grief.

But, unfortunately, Grief is not exclusive or limited to the loss of a loved one…

The loss of a job or career, a failed dream or expectation, the end of a friendship or romantic relationship, or the crumbling of an identity we’ve spent years creating are all real-life scenarios where we experience Grief in its truest form.

Grief Faithbox

We don’t take any of this lightly, which is why we’ve thoughtfully crafted our Grief Faithbox in the following manner:

  1. We’ve written our Everyday Faith Devotional with your real-world experiences in mind, lovingly speaking into the hurts and heartaches of grief using Scriptures and insights from other Christan leaders.
  2. The monthly book comes from an author who has become painstakingly acquainted with grief and suffering, and from her experiences she shares meaningful messages of inspiration and encouragement.
  3. The products in the August Faithbox were curated and handpicked by the Faithbox Team to offer comfort and consolation during the difficult seasons of life.

If any of this sounds like something that might be of help to you, then we encourage you to consider purchasing the Grief Faithbox. Or if you know someone who could benefit from the Grief Faithbox, you can gift a Faithbox subscription by purchasing an e-gift card for your loved one.

– The Faithbox Team

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4 thoughts on “3 Things to Know About the 2021 Grief Faithbox”

  1. God is so good, I struggle the month of August, I lost both my brothers almost 2 years to the date from each other. I’m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father, who continues to provide comfort and food for my soul.

    1. Hi Rose, a Faithbox subscription is $34.95/mo plus $5 shipping. If there are any remaining Grief Faithboxes available after subscribers, they will be made available for individual purchase after the month of August at $36.95 + full shipping on shop.faithbox.com.

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